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ProEx Mold Service Is Value-added Service

ProEx mold offers premium quality services

What is a successful project/mold? ProEx team will say: competitive price, good quality, delivery on time. With ProEx team services, projects are finished on time and resolve potential issues fast and efficiently during the mold development stage, avoiding waste of unnecessary time and cost.  ProEx Team’s mold technology and experience have been recognized by more and more customers.


ProEx Mold service include:

Mold design checking

In many conditions, not every mold supplier has a strong or experienced design team. It will cost many times and more money than the design cost at the beginning for future mold modification which was caused by poor design. So, the answer is quite obvious, a successful and reasonable mold design not only ensures mold development time but also saves a lot of cost for production and modification afterward. ProEx provides Plastic mold design checking services for customers who have a supplier with poor design ability or some types of mold his supplier is not good at. With our professional service ensuring your projects/businesses are successful from the design stage. 

Project management service

It is common that project development is not always as smooth as the customer expects. Technic issue? Time wasted? Poor quality? It is a disaster that project development always delays for some reason but your suppliers react slow or could not provide efficient solutions, in addition, they always received a poor-quality mold which does not reach your requirement.

ProEx team has a deep understanding of what the customer needs. During the project developing stage, we properly deal with the three elements of a project: time, cost and quality. Use our professional skills to help our client to finish every project on time, within budget and quality scope.

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