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Good design is the foundation of a successful mold

Advantages of PorEx Mold Design

ProEx mold is dedicated to providing first-class mold design. Our goal is to design for manufacturability, low maintenance, ease of production, and lasting tool life. During mold design, we work closely with our customer to determine mold details, such as mold structure、gate location、surface finishing、etc. Combined with customer needs, we take every mold seriously. We try our best to optimize every detail to avoid potential issues and meet customer’s needs. ProEx mold provides professional、efficient、good quality and a competitive price.

Experience and Ability

All designers of ProEx Mold Design team have at least 10 years of experience in mold design. They’re very familiar with European and American mold design and manufacturing standards. Some designers among them have nearly 20 years of experience in mold design、actual manufacturing and molding work, and are also familiar with injection processes. These valuable experiences ensure our design team considers every important factor while designing, and combines all necessary information to design high quality molds. In addition, with many years of experience working in the mold industry and the extensive customer base, we have made our mold design team more and more diverse. 


How to ensure design quality for molds

Designing a good injection mold depends on many factors.

  • Full understanding of customer's products、standards、 and requirements;

  • Rich design experience and comprehensive knowledge of tooling;

  • Necessary design and review meeting;

  • A good design process(See ProEx  Mold Design Flow Chart below);

  • Attention to details - detail is the key to success. 

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Design principles we follow

  • Design the mold structure as simple as possible to reduce the probability of failure;

  • Ensure the strength of mold, and design the mold as small as possible;

  • Simplify P/L as much as possible to avoid unnecessary machining and fitting work;

  • Designing a reasonable and efficient cooling circuit to ensure shortest cycle time;

  • Strengthen weak and sharp steel area as strong as possible, and make spare parts;

  • Instead of shutoffs design, use kiss off design if possible;

  • Instead of using inefficient machining method (like EDM), design the mold or components which can be machined by using efficient machining methods (like CNC、Grinder);

  • Add chamfer or radius for all sharp edges to prevent injury to workers;

  • Avoid removing gate manually, Use Auto Degating design (like Sub gate or Cashew gate,etc.) as much as possible;

  • Design the reasonable runner (as short/small as possible), Save material and avoid unnecessary pressure loss;

  • Consider necessary safety steel for those important areas at the design stage to avoid welding processing or remake processing while modification afterward, cutting steel is much easier than adding steel;

  • Anti-collision pin is a must for sliders which have ejector pins under it.

The types of molds we have designed

Injection Mold Design/Two-injection Mold Design / Unscrewing Mold Design /Compression Mold Design /Over molding Mold Design / Gas-assisted Injection Mold Design/Hot Runner Mold Design / Mold Design with Complex Actions / Product Design Support / Simple & Complex Injection Mold Design / Prototype Mold Design / Reverse Injection Mold Design / 2-Shot Rotary Mold Design/ Interior Trim Mold Design/ Exterior Trim Mold Design/ Lighting Component Mold Design

Service include

  •  2D design;

  • DFM,3D mold design,. 

File type


Mold standard we familiar with



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