Mold Flow Simulation And Analysis


Mold Flow Analysis Ensures A Successful Mold Design

Mold Flow simulation and analysis

ProEx knows that mold flow analysis is not a simple software operation, but also requires rich practical experience and profound expertise into analysis systems. It can fully guide our mold design and predict what will happen to molds. In this way, costly and time-consuming tooling rework is avoided. Application of MFA technology is becoming more and more important. ProEx mold provides professional、efficient、good quality and competitive prices.

Advantage of Mold Flow analysis

Technical advantages: Mold flow analysis and troubleshooting

The key advantage of mold flow analysis is that it helps designers pinpoint specific design issues. It simulates the flow of molten polymer in an injection mold. The analysis data are used for explanation、forecast, and elimination of potential molding problems, thereby guiding and optimizing part/mold design early and resolving these issues before a mold goes into manufacturing.

Economic advantages: Avoiding costly and time-consuming tooling rework

Mold flow simulations are able to provide greater accuracy in their predictions and analyses, in order to optimize the design process and save on overall production costs. Part and mold design can be updated in days, but remaking a metal mold can be quite costly and take a lot of time. That is why it’s important for mold designers to optimize mold design before the mold is made. Since it requires such a significant upfront investment of money and time, it’s crucial that mold/part designs be optimized for efficiency and cost-effectiveness in order to avoid costly rework.

Mold flow simulation may determine optimal runner system and gate locations, forecast weld line location, determine air trap location, predict shrinkage and warpage, shear stress, filling time, filling possibility, mold clamping force, fill pressure and holding time. Application of MFA is becoming more and more important.

For different molds, our molding analysis engineers often do:

Flow analysis

Predicting if hysteresis are present, filling balanced, knit lines and air trap location, injection pressure, clamping force sizes, gate location / number, area gate size is reasonable;

Runner balance analysis

Evaluate the runner layout and type to minimize the volume of material and achieve runner balancing;

Gate location analysis

The MFA can help determine the best location and size to minimize weld lines and achieve balanced filling;

Cooling analysis

To predict if mold cooling layout is reasonable, what areas need to be strengthened cooling, determine if product wall thickness design is reasonable, minimize cycle time;

Warpage analysis

Diagnosis product deformation and X, Y direction shrinkage values, combined with the adjustment of water / temperature/parameter / methods into the part deformation and thus provide the smallest possible options deformation improvement;

Gas-assisted analysis

Predict gas penetration distance, penetration effect, the best location and airway inlet arrangement to assess the product gas assisted molding shrinkage and deformation, etc;

Stress Analysis

Predicted residual stress distribution molded product and size;

Fiber orientation Analysis

Analyzing and controlling the fiber orientation of the plastic, injection-molded parts in order to reduce shrinkage, warpage, and the floating fibers.

There are many different types of fibers, including glass fibers, carbon fibers, silicon carbide fibers, boron fibers, etc. Based on different fibers we determine the percentage simulation.

Fibers can improve the material properties are as follows:

  • Over time、 reducing material plastic deformation occurs and stress relaxation;

  • Improve the flexural strength;

  • Improve the tensile strength;

  • Improved heat distortion temperature;

  • Improving the dimensional stability of the mixture.

Over molding analysis

Analyzing/Assess 2K and over molding molds flows, warping and bonding situations.


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